The year that was.

Well now, a year later and thoughts about posting some words again?

Not quite sure how time got away from me, but it did and it would be oh so easy to make excuses or blame it on others. Truth of the matter is that my writing left and took a gap year.
I am not even sure at this juncture if I wish to start writing again?

One could follow the plethora of guidelines out there about how to write, but for me, it has always been an idea, the magic of a story concept and then just sitting down tapping away at the keyboard for some 300 odd words & doing the same the next day and the next and so on.

The only concern from there on was to blast out 50,000 words – Yea right!

Then along the way I started thinking about editing and rewrites.
Thinking along these lines I thought hang on, perhaps I should find out a bit about the basics of outlining, structure, character arcs and a 100 other things that the professionals talk about?

Perhaps there is where that year went? Too much learning about the art of writing and not enough fun?

Have I missed the tapping at the keyboard? For sure!
Will I return with a greater determination? Who knows. May the flicker of the candle burn brightly once more.

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