I now Love / Hate Writing.

It is now just gone four months since I started this blog.
I use to love writing, now I hate it!
From reading hundreds of “How to” articles, I trimmed the list down to half a dozen and have ended up with my writing, which I once loved doing more than standing on a street corner & watching the girls go by, to not writing at all & feeling as if I am in a deep pit of despair.

My love for reading is causing this split. Or is it the lack of time management on my part? It has also been  a cause for concern with my gardening hobby.
When I started the Grow Your Own venture some years ago, the first year brought untold confusion.
One experienced gardener advised I should grow vegetables this way while another said “Oh no, do it this way”!

This is what has crept into my writing or the lack of writing. I am spending more time reading about “how to” and less time writing.
I am not happy.

Perhaps it is time for Providence to take a guiding hand? Sorry you wonderful sources of writing advice, but you are now being allocated your own time slot & that’s it! No more whiling away they day reading about how to become more creative, or how best to edit my first draft, or whether my writing should be plot or character driven.

It is time for me to be good to my writing for the writing to be good for me.


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