And yet people are starving?

On one side of the world, people are dying because they are eating too much or rather the wrong type of food and yet, on the other side people are dying because they do not have enough food; of any type !
Add to this troubling statistic the fact that the first group do not exercise enough while the other group have to walk miles just to get some water and we soon come to the conclusion that this world is indeed a crazy place?
Then there is that evil stuff they call money. Some have it, while others don’t and the rest lust after it. Then we have countries that spend a fortune on war, elections and corruption and manufacture & distribute marvelous items that in real world do little to solve the original two problems.
Now this wonderful human race has started to do something about this sad state of affairs. Firstly, they divided into groups to explain why they eat certain foods or not.
Those that lust after food, helped along by those that lust after money and hey presto the fast food empire was built.
Then you have the Vegetarians, who have been around since the land barons ruled the world and did not allow the peasants to kill  & eat any of the wild animals on their turf by penalty of death.
Then came the Vegans, around about 1944, just about the time the world was finishing off a war to end all wars, which, by the way, left many of the protagonists worse off than their antagonists!
And finally you get the Carnivores, who really don’t give a fig, just as long as they can have a barbecue on weekends while watching their favourite sport.
One could drag this diatribe on for ever, by adding the very profitable charitable industry that has sprung up and  is now invading our TV time, but we will leave that for another day.
The original question remains.
And yet people are starving?

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  1. Robert says:

    Hi Richard

    Real food for thought.
    If you wish to delve further into the dark world of veganism , please visit our website / online store ,

    Look forward to your next blog.

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