Ten things to organize your twenty-four hour day?

“I just don’t have enough time!” is the most heard frustrated cry heard reverberating off the walls of many a household or business office.

“Improve your ‘Time Management’ comes the rallying call “?

So, without much further ado, let’s get you writing your Time Management check list. (Note 1).

1. Learn to be assertive – “you have the right to say NO !”
2. Maximize your sleep – you are pretty useless when you are ‘muggy’. A good restorative 6 hours.
3. From the 24 hour day, subtract the sleep, eating, washing & any other repetitive household activities – say 4 hours?
4. Now with the remaining 14 hours, make your list that will use these 14 hours most productively. I suggest no more than 10-12.
5. Add the letters M, A & N to those that you feel would be better done in the Morning, Afternoon & Night.
6. Then consider in which order each of the morning, afternoon & night-time should be done. Prioritize.
7. Allocate the amount of time to each activity. Be realistic.
8. Design, print & display weekly schedule. (5 or 7 day week?)
9. Focus – multitasking can be distracting?
10. Weekend reflection – “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”(Bill Gates) Reflection should be a daily practice but the weekends are a perfect opportunity to step back and reflect on the lessons of the previous week and to make improvements for the next. (Emma Rushton)

Gopi Kallayil’s list:


Gopi Kallayil is the Chief Evangelist, Brand Marketing at Google. An avid yoga practitioner, triathlete, global traveler, and Burning Man devotee, he has spoken at TEDx, Yoga Journal LIVE!, and Wisdom 2.0. Gopi’s recent book, The Internet to the Inner-net, is available in bookstores and online.
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If you look at some of the top entrepreneurs, You will discover the one common thread is that they all ‘delegate’.
Now that’s all good & well for those that have become rich & famous & pretty obvious.
But how does a one person budding entrepreneur achieve that status?

You could research a lot, choosing from those entrepreneurs you hold in high esteem & do what they have done.
Or you could draw up your own Time Management action plan & put it into practice, allowing room for monitoring it for a period of time.
Then make it a habit ! Like getting dressed for success each day, unless you want to continue being a slob?

Note 1.
How to start a decent
 Time Management check list. Click here.

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