Rainy days and Sundays.

As that song by the by Carpenters says, “Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down“. Sadly,  Karen is no longer with us, but her legacy and that of her brother Richard, lives on. Works for some Sundays too.

So what has this got to do with a Sunday? Well, Sundays for me, are meant meant to share with a special friend, preferably in front of a log cabin in the Scottish countryside, with a comforting fire crackling away in the fireplace.


This thatched roofed house had such a fireplace. I had it built a lifetime ago & although it has new owners now and the trees have grown tall, with the fence replaced by a decorative wall, it still holds fond memories for me.

Funny how memories are triggered, hey?
One minute you are staring out the window in a distant land, looking at the grey skies and light rain peppering the windows and next you are planning a trip away.

Actually, this house is far away in South Africa.
Braaivleis (Barbecue), sunny skies & rugby are the order of the day.
OK, so maybe not rugby. Our wonderful Springboks are not doing too well this season and if there is any unifying topic that will ‘rile the bile’ of the ardent supporters, it is when the lads are not doing too well!

But I digress?

Back to Sundays, fires and log cabins.


Sundays in a log cabin in Scotland.

Auchterawe, Fort Augustus (near Loch Ness), is some 900 odd miles from where I stay in the South East. Well worth the trip.
Some would go as far as to say that it is soul food for the mind.

Most of all, I love to travel and while I would dearly love to spend more time in Southern Africa, because travel allows you to meet people of visible divergent backgrounds.

In conclusion,  choices need to made. Plans need to be put in place.
Above all, I need to make it plenty of fun.


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