While the Silence Reverberates ?

Another wave of horrific terrorists led atrocities have struck in Europe.

And the world shudders in unison with its condemnations.
Our hearts weep for the victims. Will there be no end to this craven ideology?
I grew up in a country whose Apartheid ideology brought suffering to many.

The ANC led Freedom Fighters or were they terrorists too, started a campaign of activities that cost many lives.
The world united & brought an end to this & Freedom was found in the ballot box. Democracy stood firm & the majority began their rule.

Years have past & we look at the conditions in South Africa today, 2016. Atrocities have returned under a despotic led government ‘of the people’? Where ‘kill the whites’ is the lingua franca of the day.

Time for an independent inquiry?

Time for an independent inquiry?

This caption needs to be independently verified

Where are those same people who shouted in disgust during the Apartheid years?
While the Silence Reverberates ?

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