Lord Mayor of London’s dinner dates.

Key media events

Each year in November, The Lord Mayor of London has a banquet, normally after the LM of L’s Show.
This is the last of 16 events during the year.


Although there is no doubt about the importance of such events, the pomp & ceremony that promote London to the world, I could not pause to think about all the children in the UK, that go to school hungry each and every day?

So, how much do you you think that these functions cost?
Well, I had the temerity to ask this very question of the Administrator and Project Co-ordinator at Mansion House.
The answer – “These events are funded privately, so I am afraid we are not able to give you any information”.

So, there we go. A bang up meal for all those in their glad rags with even the PM giving a speech on behalf of the government, about her plan for how Britain can lead in the transformed modern world.


Let’s hope that after this transformation, there are a few extra pennies for the UK children?

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