Death, Despair & Destruction.

Living in a world of pragmatic realism that some of us are want to do, I often wonder why the global news media choose to constantly provide the world with copious amounts of Death, Despair & Destruction?

Walking down the street do we really want to hear the corner news vendor shout out the horrors of the morning edition? Does the compulsory switch on the TV require us to view the days destructive reports?

Does the morning commute into the big city leave us despondent by the late arrival of the train because someone has reported yet another annoying strike by railway workers?

Let us rather lean in the positive direction. Read about the top performing Teen Entrepreneurs.
Learn why a CEO is paying for college for his worker’s children.
Understand why it is important to rid our streets of the homeless people by providing them the resources to uplift themselves.

Provide the level playing fields of sporting activities to broaden our understanding the uniqueness of each and every individual.

Surely it is better to surround ourselves with the positives in our daily lives, rather than to drag the communities down into the pit of negativeness?

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