In my previous life.

In my previous life, I was a hunter gatherer, with a flowing red cape, able to jump tall buildings in a single bound, Nothing was impossible for me, for I was the one.

A husband, father & friend, a great achiever and above all, the provider of wondrous things.

That seems like a life time ago, in some distant galaxy, the memories of which are disappearing into the mist of each passing year & with that passing comes a certain nostalgia, for when grasping at the past, the very fact of a longing to return, as if in a time machine, to a former time or place in one’s life, to one’s place of birth & to one’s family and friends, becomes a struggle.

However, there is a certain resilience in that struggle, for each day has now become a blessing, one to strive to participate in a positive manner & more often than not, with a playful look at what has become my new life.

One takes on new challenges like pretending to be a gardener & learning new skills, of being a writer now & not some fearsome warrior in the saddle of some noble steed, off to fight & slay the dragons of the world.
Now I have become more like a Don Quixote, tilting at the windmills of my mind.

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