Euro2016 football and EU Referendum.

The two most watched & followed topics at the moment? Possibly.

Let’s look at the opinions on the football.
From a wide selection of family, friends & total strangers asked, the following three answers were the most common.
(1) England is going to win;
(2) England is going to loose;
(3) I think their shoes (boots?) are so colourful.

Now looking at the EU voting.
(1) UK is going to win;
(2) UKĀ 
is going to loose;
(3) I think their mothers dress them funny.

Let it be noted, that there was a 3% undecided in both cases.
The reason why they were undecided?
” What is EU2016? I don’t follow sport”
“What is EU Referendum? I don’t follow politics”

OF course there are two guaranteed winners
TheĀ beverage industry & the pharmaceutical industry.
Win or loose, both parties will be hung over the next day
and the country will grind to a halt. No one will feel
like going to work.
More illegals will stream in to fill the jobs that the revellers
do not want to do.
And, if you had shares in the beverage & pharmaceutical industries, you will make a lot of money.

What ever revs your engine, don’t forget to vote.
There are still many countries that still don’t have that privilege?

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