Vitamin D and all that Sun.

There is no getting away from it. Being outside in the sun does wonders for one’s state of mind.

I had been fudging on getting a start with this year’s seed sewing, waiting for that ideal sunny day. Well, there was no dodging that today & out I went, with trusty trowel in hand, ready to prepare some trays.
Soon the seed trays were filled with some of my home-made compost, dutifully sifted to provide the perfect home for some Cobra Green Bean seeds.
Things took a bit longer this year which saddened me.
The arrival of Mr Bee with some of his mates, cheered me up as they went weaving drunkenly from Pansy to Pansy, as if they had been on a bender the night before?
The flowers had all turned their garishly painted faces towards the sun, tempting the bees with their multi coloured faces & sweet smelling pollen. Now I ask you. What red blooded bee could turn down an offer like that?
All to soon, I was breathless, with perspiration running down my face. Only five seed trays & already I was struggling.
This does not bode well for the growing season ahead, but it was a necessity.
The puce white skin, which would bring shame to any Ex Pat South African was in desperate need of a bit of colour. One of the neighbours had already indicated some concern as to whether I had intended to remove my T-Shirt.
Maybe not today. My face & legs were enough.

It was grand being outside again.

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