A New Night Before Christmas.

Please don’t go Daddy” pleaded Sam to her father, with that look on her face.

Sam was our second child and part of their amazing family package of four.

She, Samantha, had been specially delivered by a paramedic colleague three years ago without warning, whilst Terry and Angela were at a birthday party.

I looked across the dinner table at my wife for some assistance. Getting this problem solved was going to take the expertize of ‘The Boss’.
But Angela merely shrugged her shoulders and started clearing the dishes away.

Thanks a whole heap, thought Terry, as he watched his wife head to the kitchen.
How does one explain shift work to a three year old?

Do you remember what Daddy’s job is?”
Yeth” lisped Sam. “You’re a Paddymedic”
That’s correct, Munchins”

Terry smiled inwardly at his daughter’s description.

Sometimes Daddy has to work at night to help the doctors & the hospitals”

Sam slid off her chair and came to stand in front of her father, hands on hips and a determined frown on her face.

But it is the night before Christmas, Daddy”
I know it is hard for you to understand, Sam”
But why?”

James, their ten year, sat at the other end of the table, listening with a quizzical look.
Sam was starting to dig in and was not having any of it.
Terry looked across at the wall clock, time to nip this in the bud if he was to get to the station by eight.
Angela had returned from loading the dishwasher.

Come now Samantha” using her ‘Don’t mess with Mommy’ voice.
Time to kiss Daddy goodnight & for you to get upstairs and into bed!”

Sam gave a huge sigh, turned away from me and headed for the stairs.
Will someone just rip my heart out, thought Terry?

Just one moment, young Lady” admonished Angela.
You have forgotten to give this to Daddy”

And with that, Angela opened her hand and showed Sam the Badge.
Sam’s eyes became a large as dinner plates. She squealed with amazement and joy!
Off in a flash, she retraced her steps to her father.

“Here Daddy, you nearly forgot your ‘Santa’s Badge!”

Terry solemnly pinned the Santa Helper badge to the front of his jacket and smiled gratefully at his wife.

Quick, Daddy, you must not be late for work!” advised Sam.
Santa will will be very cross if you are”.

Mission accomplished. Terry gave his two favourite ladies a big hug and headed for the door
Santa’s Helper had work to do?

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