To Blog or not to Blog?

Since getting serious about my writing activities in 2015, the question of frequency raised its mystical head.

Darren Rowse is the founder & editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips has some interesting thoughts on this subject. Have a look here:  How many Blog posts.

I recently came to the wonderful conclusion that it is a big No No to spend to many hours on the Internet or playing those mind numbing games. OK, so Rocket Science is not my strong suit?
So, in came Time Management & out went Internet, Games, email subscriptions & certain non productive Social Media activities.
I still need to ‘edit’ my Blog site; those nasty people at site ratings were not impressed and so my new web-site will need some tweaking. I am led to believe that this will also improve my engagements with readers?

And finally, as a special treat, I will attend a selection of Webinars which, thanks to the different Time Zones, occur during my free time or non writing time.

Webinars – my next post.

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