Self Hosted Blog with WordPress is pure Happiness.

Most times you will find me typing away on Scrivener, or adding another entry on this Blog. But the most rewarding times are the ones spent helping others set-up their own Self Hosted WordPress Blog.

The initial stages are perhaps the most exciting & frustrating times.
First you have an idea or reason why you want to Blog. You then proceed to choose a name for your Self Hosted Blog site. But low & behold, that Domain Name has already been taken – RATS!
Reminds you of when you were selecting an email account, only to discover there is another Harry NumbNuts?

Enjoy the selection process.

Next steps is finding a Hosting Company that will support you during this journey into your creative world. The one I choose has been good for me, but it is your money & your choice.
They will help you set-up your WordPress site & put ‘it’ on line.

Now is an important step. Selecting a ‘Theme’ for your WordPress Blog site & please make sure that the Theme chosen is a ‘Responsive’ theme! That is one that looks good (and works well) on all types of computer products, from Desktops to Laptops, to Tablets and Smartphones.

Now before you rush off & post you first blog page, you should do a bit of research on ‘Plug-Ins’. These are little essential add-ins to your site that will keep your blog site safe & smiling.
For example – UpDraft – which will take care of the ‘Backups’.
Most of them are free to install with premium versions should you want a bit more.

By now you will beĀ franticĀ to publish your first Blog post? Well, go for it and while you are at it, have a look around that first entry page . Learn more about ‘Categories’ & Tags (on the right hand side?)

Have fun & enjoy your journey & if you experience a few hiccups along the way, drop me a line and I will try & get back to you ASAP.

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